Gildform was built to power ideas.  Jewelry ideas to be specific. And since the launch of our self-service jewelry manufacturing platform this past fall, we’ve guiding some amazing ideas from concept to creation (making tons of new friends along the way.)  That’s why we’re proud to highlight the brand owners, designers, and visionaries behind them. After all, they’re the ones we do it for!


The categories for this year’s Best in Gildform awards are:


Best in Brand 

Through authentic engagement and creative content, the best in brand winner has created an identity that's truly unmistakable.


Best in Business

With strategic thinking and savvy decision making, the best in business winner is sure to sustain and scale.


Best in Design 

With a creative vision and a unique aesthetic, the best in design winner brings new vibes to the market with each piece.


Best in Emerging

Building momentum by the minute, the best in emerging winner ventures into uncharted territory to forge its future.


Our panel of industry experts combed through the hundreds of brands using our platform to produce their jewelry. After a few whiteboard sessions and intense (but respectful) debates, we're hand-picking the most compelling brands as winners in the inaugural “Best in Gildform” awards.